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Olympus Life

Original price was: £ 24 110.00.Current price is: £ 21 699.00.

£24 110 £21 699


Olympus provides numerous potential uses. It is exceptionally suitable for larger get-togethers with friends or family members. It is also suitable for athletes to relax or stretch their muscles. Enjoy the beneficial effect of warm water with Olympus which creates a spa experience more exceptional than ever before.

Please choose a cabinet and an acrylic colour!

Sterling SilverSterling Silver


Aquasoul™ Pro 4.1 Pop-Up sound system

Aquasoul™ Pro 4.1 Pop-Up sound system

The watertight elements installed in the AquaSoul™ Pro Sound System are of the latest design and highest quality. Any smart device equipped with a Bluetooth connection – e.g. a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop – can be connected to the AquaSoul™ Pro Sound System. For CityLine/ PeakLine models, the sound system can be controlled using the SmartTouch control panel as well.
UV-C water sanitizer

UV-C water sanitizer

The UV-C system from Wellis revolutionizes the sanitizing of hot tub water. It is lightweight, compact, and very effective. With a negligible amount of power consumption and quiet, safe, and automatic operation, it treats the water in the hot tub several times a day. It provides you and your family with crystal clear, natural quality bathwater while reducing the need for use of water treatment agents to a minimum.


Aromatherapy fragrances and essential oils are for pampering the soul and the body. Fragrances have positive effects on our emotions. Therefore, aromatherapy treatment is excellent for ensuring and maintaining our spiritual balance, which naturally has positive effects on our physical condition as well. Elements of the therapy include inhalation, aromatherapy bath, and massage with essential oils – you can enjoy all of them in Wellis spas, which combine a hydrotherapy experience and the power of your favorite fragrances.
Smartphone™ app with WiFi

Smartphone™ app with WiFi

Control your spa from home or while you are on the road with the Wellis Smartphone™ app! Available for both iPhone and Android. Set the desired temperature, filtering and other functions from your phone, before you head over to the holiday house, so that by the time you arrive you will have a heated, ready-to-use spa waiting for you.
Exclusive colour therapy lighting

Exclusive colour therapy lighting

The exclusive color therapy lighting, which is a direct underwater mood lighting built into the sidewall of the hot tub, consists of 10-20 LEDs, depending on the type of hot tub, which are illuminated in harmony with the standard underwater color therapy lighting installed in the hot tub.
in.mix system

in.mix system

With the in.mix system, you can individually adjust the light play of 2 or 3 (depending on spa model) predefined light therapy zones in your hot tub. Zone 1: spa water area, Zone 2: illuminated controllers, Zone 3: spa side cover lighting (only for certain models)
Polyfoam (2cm)

Polyfoam (2cm)

The Standard insulation: 2 cm polyfoam insulation on the side cover and the subfloor.
10 year warranty on the shell structure
3 years warranty for the engineering parts


Product specifications

Weight & Dimensions

900 kg


354 × 230 × 98 cm

Amount of water

2331 l

Reclining / Sitting places

2 reclining places / 7 sitting places

Acrylic colour

Sterling Silver

Cabinet colours

Black, Brown, Grey

Total number of jets

88 × lighting

Waterfall / fountain jets

1 pc Lighting waterfall, 2 pcs lighting laminar fountain jets

Technical specification
Power requirement

1 × 32A 230V/50Hz minimum*, 3 × 20A 400V/50Hz optimum

Heating unit

3 kW

Hydromassage pump

1 pc 3 HP double-speed (230V/50Hz), 1 pc 3 HP single-speed (230V/50Hz), 2 pcs 2 HP single-speed (230V/50Hz)

Water circulation

1 pc 1.25 HP water circulating pump (1.1 kW)

Water filtering

3 pcs MicroPlus filter cartridge, UV-C water sanitizer


Stainless steel


Fiberglass reinforcement

Side cover

HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured plactic


Polyfoam (2 cm)

Control box

Gecko (IN.YT-8)

Control panel

1 × 1 button + 1 × 4 button auxiliary control panels, SmartTouch

Comfort Solutions
Colour-therapy lighting

20 exclusive LED lights, Illuminated controls, in.mix system

Sound system

Aquasoul™ Pro 4.1 Pop-Up sound system

Premium solutions

Aromatherapy, Heat exchange preparation, Smartphone™ app with WiFi, Thermo cover

*In case of minimum power connection, the hot tub pump(s) and heating unit cannot be operated simultaneously.

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