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Iceland Cold Plunge Tub

Original price was: £ 5 495.00.Current price is: £ 4 995.00.



Experience the benefit of a Cold Water Immersion (CWI) with the Wellis Iceland Cold Plunge Tub. With this tub, you can chill your water to as low of 2°C or heat it to as warm as 40°C.

With LED lights inside the tub and on the outside panel, you can enjoy ambiance while recovering in one stylish unit.
The installation of this Plug and Play tub is ever so easy. Simply drop it in place, fill with water, set the temperature and enjoy the benefits of CWI with Wellis Iceland.

Dimensions: 220 x 109 x 76 cm



3.5 cm of Polyfoam boards has been installed into the spa’s holding frame gap-free, instead of fastening them to the outer casing. In the tray, instead of the previous POLYFOAM insulation, we implemente the best insulator we could find: the air. We achieved this by installing an ABS sheet 3 cm from the bottom plate, creating insulating air pockets.
Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump (0.25 kW)

Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump (0.25 kW)

Very low power consumption (0.25 kW/h) water circulating pump. Its low power consumption, long life, and quiet operation make it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


The new circulation jet has been designed to have 3 zones, where 2 zones are pointed downwards to stir up the sand and dirt from the bottom of the hot tub.


20% more effective than using ozone without a mixing chamber. Compared to the disinfectant systems on the market, this system eliminates the most bacteria.
10 year warranty on the shell structure
3 years warranty for the engineering parts


Cool&Heat pump

COOL/HEAT Pump (2-40 °C) 3kW – 20CR3-SB

The Iceland cool&heat pump is capable of cooling the water down to 2°C. Its operating temperature ranges between -5 °C to 43 °C.

It can cool 100 liters of 23 °C water down to 5 °C in as little as one and a half hours, at an outside temperature of 15 °C.

If desired, bath water can be heated up, up to 40 °C for a pleasant evening soak. With a heating COP value of 4.05, it can deliver 2.1 kW of energy from 500W of absorbed energy.

Settings can be easily adjusted using the control unit that is equipped with a digital display or through the application installed on your phone, even from remote locations.

Product specifications

Weight & Dimensions
Amount of water


Reclining / Sitting places

1 person

Acrylic colour

Ice White

Cabinet colours


Technical specification
Power requirement

1 × 16A 230V/50Hz minimum*, Plug & Play

Water circulation

Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump (0.25 kW)

Water filtering

1 pc Superfine filter cartridge, Crystal Clean System, Ozmix™ system (Ozone + mixer)




Poli-Max™ polyurethane


New Scandinavian insulation – polyfoam 3.5 cm

Comfort Solutions

Central LED lighting, Corner lighting

Premium Features

Central LED lighting, Corner lighting


The information on prices and technical specifications of the products in the online store is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer, Wellis Hungary Ltd. reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.