Premium Hot tubs

Made from premium materials and equipped with the most modern technical innovations, Wellis hot tubs represent the top category throughout Europe.


Introducing the greenest Wellis product line!

Life hot tubs in the spirit of e environmental awareness. Energy efficient solutions while also preferencing sustainability and environmentally conscious production technologies.

With this in mind, it was obvious that our new and renewed products would also be produced in accordance with these standards. While a brand new design and appearance make them even more of a world novelty!


Premium models

Our Peakline product line includes our finest premium models. In addition to a full line of accessories, modern design and novel style, their extra functions and unique solutions make them the outstanding models bearing the Wellis brand.


Premium quality

Our Cityline product line is a perfect choice for our customers for whom the proper balance between value for money and premium quality is important. Our compact models with their unique equipment ensure an unforgettable wellness experience for any family.


Designed for the Family

Our Myline products represent the Wellis brand entry category: excellent prices, a user-friendly experience, and a stylish and well-composed look. With more than five different models, we strive to meet all customers’ needs.


Perfect workout

Our Swimline product line combines a perfect workout programme and a joyful massage experience with minimal space requirements. Thanks to the counter-current system developed by Wellis, you can enjoy the sensation of relaxing in a swimming pool, while in reality you are taking care of your body and soul in the comfort of your home.


that you will come home after a long day and you only have to walk to the bathroom or to your garden to be part of a unique massage experience that a Wellis hot tub can give you.

Happy customer review of a Wellis
Amazonas W-Flow swim spa.

Wellis Amazonas W-Flow swim spa installed in Greenwich

Who have been happy owners of a Wellis
Everest hot tub.

We have recently visited one of our happy clients in Wirral and asked them about their experiences with our best-seller Wellis PeakLine – EveRest Hot Tub. Watch Giovanni talking about how a premium Hot Tub can replace all the canceled summer holidays during the pandemic with no regret at all.

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